The mini face & neck lift procedure improves signs of aging and addresses concerns such as jowls and sagging tissue.

The procedure utilises PDO threads, which absorb into the surrounding tissue and induce collagen production overtime, supporting underlying structures and framework of the face. These collagen-boosting threads can be used in conjunction with filler or antiwrinkle injections to work synergistically to smoothen out the fine lines and deep creases of the skin, as well as to restore and correct volume depletion and redistribution of collagen and fat.

Depending on the desired result, additional interventions may be added to achieve these results. These include but are not limited to:

  • Laser resurfacing of the skin

  • High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

  • Platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP)

  • Photodynamic therapy

These procedures are designed to address particular needs of clients, whether used on their own or in a combination, to provide tailored and specific treatments to clients to achieve their desired results.

While these procedures provide great results, they are not a substitute for surgical face and neck lift.

What is the treatment?

PDO threads are absorbable threads made from of synthetic material Polydioxanone (PDO).

They completely dissolve in 8-12 months but the rate at which they dissolve depends on the number of factors, such as age, sun exposure, lifestyle etc.

Different studies have comparative results showing these threads retain 90 percent of their tensile strength in first 3 months. In following 3 months the threads’ tiny cracks begin to happen in the periphery of the threads, which is followed by the gradual breakdown of the material by the body. Upon the placement of the threads, they begin to induce local production of collagen, so despite them being fully dissolvable, the collagen production in the treated area provides support to the structures thus providing lasting results.